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不论是看日落或是日出,你有一种让我,犹如深呼吸以后放松的魔力,尽管我们也会争吵, 可是我总是会原谅你,或者让你原谅我,我一直觉得,我们就该在一起,从来都没有想过和你分手,即使我们吵得最凶的那一次。


Hi,where you been and how are you?
I want to find a box,store all the moments that you 've touched me. When I don't like you as much,I can take them out and remember.

想找个保鲜盒 把你给我的那些感动 都装起来 当我不那么喜欢你的时候 就拿出来回味一下
I think of you,wherever I am.When I'm alone,you are the main character of my mind.I am...jealous of you.

在每一个地方想你 自己一个人的时候 你更是成了思想的主角 这样的你 让我羡慕

If the person you like doesn't like you,Wouldn't it still be lonely even if the whole world loves you?

如果你喜欢的人 不喜欢你那么就算全世界的人都喜欢你 还是会觉得很孤单吧

The people no longer love me

那个人 已经不再喜欢我了

When you show up, it seems only you and me left in the whole world.

你出现的时候 “哔” 的一声,世界就只剩下我们了

If you can;t find it,don't be too sad.We can't always have what we want...it's iust life.

如果 找不到也不要太 难过, 想得到的东西不一定都会得到,嗯,人生也不过如此

I don't know how to love you. Looking at you is the only way I know.

不知道 如何爱你 看着你 是我唯一的方式

The thing that we persistenly chase after now,will become unimportant someday.

现在 执着追求的事 将来必定有一天变成 不重要的

I want to travel to the past,and hold you tightly.

想 回到过去 将你紧紧抱紧 紧紧抱紧

We will all grow old with the passing of each day ,and die. Isn't that great?

我们都会一天天 变老 然后死掉 多好

The so-called ''life'',all depends on who you meet.

所谓人生 便是取决于 遇见谁。

Why do we travel?Maybe,it's because that someone,something,or somewhere,once you leave behind you can never return. Or think that you won't be able to return.

我们为什么要旅行呢我想 可能是 因为 有些人 有些事 有些地方 一旦离开 就回不去了 或者应该说 总觉得 自己回不去了

While we are young,we should create thing.with loved ones that are warmer taan summer.

应该 趁着年轻 和喜欢的人一起 制造些 比夏天还要温暖的事


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